Extremely Cheesy Star Biscuits.

Extremely Cheesy Star Biscuits.
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I love to make these pretty star cheese biscuits with my son and he loves to eat them. They are also a great savoury party snack for adults and accompany a nice glass of red wine. Perfect for weekend baking and yummy in our tummies. It's really quick and easy and the children can help roll out the dough and cut out the stars. Why not try using a rabbit shaped cutter as an alternative, they would make the perfect Easter gift in a tin or jar.
Servings Prep Time
40 stars 20 minutes
Cook Time
12-15 minutes
Servings Prep Time
40 stars 20 minutes
Cook Time
12-15 minutes
Extremely Cheesy Star Biscuits.
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I love to make these pretty star cheese biscuits with my son and he loves to eat them. They are also a great savoury party snack for adults and accompany a nice glass of red wine. Perfect for weekend baking and yummy in our tummies. It's really quick and easy and the children can help roll out the dough and cut out the stars. Why not try using a rabbit shaped cutter as an alternative, they would make the perfect Easter gift in a tin or jar.
Servings Prep Time
40 stars 20 minutes
Cook Time
12-15 minutes
Servings Prep Time
40 stars 20 minutes
Cook Time
12-15 minutes
Servings: stars
  1. You will need a star cutter, 5cm in diameter.
  2. Preheat oven to 180°C/ gas mark 4/350ºF.
  3. All the ingredients go into a food processor and are blitzed until the dough comes together.
  4. Once this is done remove from the processor, form into two discs and wrap in cling film and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.
  5. Roll out the first disc of dough on a lightly floured surface to about the thickness of a pound coin and cut out your stars.
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment and place the the stars on top, then they go into the oven for about 12-15 minutes, until they are crisp and golden. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.
  7. Repeat the same process with the second disc of dough.
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Footprint Christmas Cards

It’s time to get creative and festive, so this year I decided to make homemade Christmas cards with my son. Like I have said before a typical toddlers attention span is limited, so I went for the easy option of creating three foot print designs, then got them printed professionally. You could, if you like create all of your designs yourself at home.

All you need is some child safe paint (non toxic) that’s easy to wipe off and some sheets of paper (in any colour) brush your child’s hand or foot with the paint and then press firmly down on the paper.

I chose three different colours white, brown and green. Once dry I scanned the footprint images into a computer and then my creative husband and his brilliant photoshop skills turned his little foot into a Christmas Snowman, Tree and Reindeer.  I think they are very cute!

I used Moo to get 25 cards printed with envelopes. They will soon be winging their way to friends and family for Christmas.


Jory Christmas Snowm Jory Christmas Reindeer Christmas tree

If you need some more inspiration check out www.woohome.com , they have put together an excellent list of Christmas crafts for the children from varying sources. Also have a look at www.alittledelightful.com for lots of craft ideas.



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Leaf Fall Fashion- 5 Key Colours


Going Green


Autumn Green

From Left to Right:

Pretty collar Jersey Dress– Boden £20.00-22.00, Emerald Pom Pom Hat– Smallable €49.00, Stella McCartney Green Hooded Jacket– alexandalexa £229.00, Marnie Chequered Jumper- Smallable €165.83, Classic Skirt– J Crew £26.00,Elephant Baby Grow– Little Legs Company- £17.99,Camper Mami Boots– Zalando £90.00, Cosy Reversable Trousers- From Babies With Love £26.90, Green Tights– Tesco (pack of three) £5.00-£7.00


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Leaf Fall Fashion – 5 Key Colours



Autumn Yellow

From Left to Right

Bonton Mustard Panda Bag– La Di Da- $56.00, Billie Brush Faux Fur Jacket-Childsplay Clothing £74.00, Bergstein Wellies– Zalando £30.00, Snowflake Blouse Ecru Ketiketa– Smallable €35.83, Mustard Maria Dress-Oscar and Olivia £128.00,The Slappie  Yellow Junior Slap On Watch– Slap Watch- £14.99 Mina Gold Lurex Socks– Smallable €24.17, <a style=”line-height: 1.5;” href=”http://www viagra 50 mg pfizer.next.co.uk/x6d610s3#876309×56″>Ochre Pom beanie– Next £ 6.00-£7.00, Miaouy Jumper Saffron Little Karl Marc John– Smallable €40.83

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Leaf Fall Fashion- 5 Key colours for Autumn


Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, as long as it’s not raining. When it’s cold and crisp and there is not a cloud in the sky, it puts a smile on my face and makes me all cosy inside. The leaves on the trees are ablaze with colour and the chill in the air has given me some inspirational ideas for an autumn/winter warm wardrobe for the little ones.

Over the next 5 days I will be posting my fashion finds in the shades of the season for  girls.  Today I’ll be starting off with rich reds. Tomorrow look out for some ideas on October oranges.

Autumn Red

From left to right:

Rasberry Knit Jacket with Ears -Zara £22.99 GBP,  Cotton Rich Red Skinny Jeans– M&S £9.00-£10.00, Helly Hansen Girls K Hh Warm Set 2– House of Fraser £45.00, Red Owl Skirt– Boden £11.00-£22.00,  Striped Roll Neck Jumper– Next £10.00 to £15.00Fun and Fun Red Quilted Dress alexandalexa £48.00, Knit Fringed Waistcoat– Zara £19.99, Manuela De Juan Ankle Boot-  Smallable € 90.83, Bakker Made with Love Adele Red Brick Blouse– Smallable €28.00

Please share your fashion inspirations for an awesome Autumn.






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We have just spent a week in Cornwall. We often go and stay in the Lizard Village on the Lizard Pennisula and eat pasties. Our base is Ivy Cottage (cornishcottages) a home from home. This three bedroom property with sea views is just a short walk from the centre of the village where you will find pubs, restaurants and a general store. It has easy access to all the wonderful coastal walks along the cliff paths and good access to beaches at Housel Bay and Kynance cove. We have stayed here on numerous occassions and it’s always a delight no matter what the weather. However, this time we had a toddler in tow. This is what we got up to.

1. Walk to Kynance Cove

unnamedKynance Cove

We walked through the Lizard Village, past the Top House Pub (it is sign posted) to access the coastal path to Kynance cove. During the summer, this area is filled with a geraniums and Cornish heather growing in varying shades of purple and pink. Sometimes if the wind is right you can smell the wild garlic. Some parts of this walk are little precarious so we had our toddler in a hiking carrier, which a friend of mine had kindly lent to us for the week. It certainly came in very handy during our trip and I would definitely reccommend you take one if you wish to take part in this kind of activity.


Kynance Cove itself is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Cornwall.  Its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches means in the summer it can get extremly busy, so if you don’t want the crowds try going later on in the afternoon. Of course do check tide times before you go to get the best use of the beach. You wouldn’t want to miss out on building those sand castles. Along the way you may see Shetland ponies and the cows grazing on the side of the cliffs. Finish it off with a bite to eat or an ice cream from the Kynance Cove Cafe. They  offer a  wide selection of locally sourced food and drink and on the menu you will find fresh crab sandwiches, burgers, baguettes, salads and Cornish Pasties not to mention nine different flavours of  Callestick Cornish Ice Cream, yummy!



2. St Michael’s Mount- Marazion


Just off the shores of Marazion lies the island of St Michael’s Mount. This rocky island is still home to the St Aubyn family and has a small community that live and work there. To get there you can either walk across the causeway when the tide is out or get a little boat across that costs £2.00 each way for adults and £1.00 for children. Those under one go free.

If you are slightly peckish there are a couple of places to eat. The Sail Loft and the Island Cafe. We ate at the Sail Loft, a licenced cafe with seating inside and out. The smoked mackerel salad with new potatoes and horseradish was delicious as was the Thai prawn kebabs with sweet chilli sauce. They also offered a good children’s menu too.


At the top of the rocky island is a castle steeped in history and a medieval church both of which you can look round. The climb upto the top is steep so make sure you take a good pair of shoes with you. For children there is a treasure hunt which looks for the giant’s stone heart, a mummified cat and the armour of a samurai warrior. Take the castle quiz to engage the little ones in what makes the island so special.

You can also explore the tropical gardens (only open on certain days) and take in the maginificent views across the bay. Check the website for further details. If you are a national trust member you have access to the house and garden for free.

DSC_0235 DSC_0218DSC_0270


3. Cornish Seal Sanctury Gweek

The Seal Sanctury in Gweek is a great place to take the children. It’s the only rescue centre in Cornwall for seals. It’s set in beautiful countryside with views of the Helford River. Here you can meet the residents of the sanctury, the common seals, sealions, otters and Humboldt penguins. There is also a nature trail through the woodlands and grounds and you can go behind the scenes and take a hospital tour, where you can learn about the life saving work that they do.


They also have feeding times and talks throughtout the day about all of the residents at the sanctury. This gives you an insight into the animals and their individual stories and all of the science behind what rescue work they do. Check the website for more details and times.  Try to book online as it’s cheaper, it’s quiet expensive, but personally I don’t mind as I know the money is going towards a worthy cause.

4. Lizard Lighthouse/Lizard Point

Lizard LighthouseLizard point

The lizard lighthouse is now automatically controlled,but still really important to the vessels that navigate these shores. Lizard Point is the mostly southerly point in the UK and has some of the most treacherous waters off the south coast.

Children are catered for here. They hold exhibits and tell stories about ship wrecks and giant sea monsters. Then you can take a climb up to the top of the lighthouse to blow the fog horn.

Lizard Point 3 cafe

The walk down to Lizard point along the coastal path in spring and summer has an abundance of flora. At the point you can see the old life boat station and if you get your binoculars out you might spot the rare choughs that are known in this area. There is also a gift shop and the Polpeor Cafe with views across the sea. If the weather is good you can sit outside and enjoy one of their homemade pastries or cakes. They also do light lunches, sandwiches and the fish is locally caught from the area.

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Pick Of The Day -Pre School Colour Learning.


Eric Carl’s Brown Bear Treasury featuring 4 stories,a classic picture book to help your little one understand colours. £13.48


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The Travelling Baby/Toddler


Whether you’re flying or driving for your trip abroad, trying to keep your toddler entertained for a few hours can be an absolute nightmare. I have travelled abroad  to France (driven to the south of france) and flown to Ireland and Spain (relatively short flights) over the past 2 years and to my delight my son wasn’t too much trouble. However, now he is a toddler he is more of a handful and after talking with friends about their experiences and some of their stressful journey’s with their children I want to be prepared for the worsed. That way, it will be the best  for both the baby/toddler and the parent.

Things to think about:
  • Make your baby/toddler feel at home: Bring a cosy blanket and a few toys that they know and love, plus maybe a few new ones as a surprise on the day. Talk to them about where you’re going, what they will be doing and what they might see.
  • Finger Foods (If your child is on solids): Bananas and Berries are great as well as carrot, cucumber, breadsticks and cheese.
  • Change of clothes for those little mishaps, along with a bib and a few Zip Lock plastic bags for nappies and rubbish.
  •  Entertainment: Books, puzzels, stickers, stuffed toys and an Ipad with films on are all good options. You probably won’t need more than three to four items, but it does depend on the length of your flight or journey.
  • A backpack also keeps your hands free for chasing or carrying your bundle of joy.
  • A small bag within your hold luggage with essentail items is also useful, it means you don’t have to keep getting up and down all the time and rooting through the overhead lockers.
  • A lightweight buggy. I have an Uppababy umbrella stroller. It’s one of the most lightweight on the market, it’s easily collaspable and has a carry strap.
  • Lightweight travel cot,  Baby Bjorn Travel Cot has been absolutely brilliant for us on our travels. It’s so easy to put up and down and packs away like a small suitcase and it weighs a mere 5KG. Most airlines allow you take a further two baby items on board a plane for free including travel cots, strollers and car seats. If you are hiring a car whilst abroad, I hire the car seat at the other end. It saves a lot of time and hassel.

What would your favourite holiday gadgets be? Where is your favourite  child friendly holiday destination ?


For when you’re on the go, try these  toys and travel gadgets:

Aqua doodle Travel Drawing Bag £14.99.
Trunki Ride On
Trunki Terrance Ride On £34.99
Speck IGuy for Ipad Mini £19.49


Sky Baby Travel Matress £29.99


Playskool Camera Show Cam
Playskool Showcam(Grey) £39.99


Skip Hop Bento Mealtime Box
Skip Hop bento box £18.00


Melissa and Doug Mini Puzzle pack
Melissa and Doug Puzzle Pack £7.50


Lauri Toys- Toddle Tote
Lauri Toddler Tote £10.84


Delta- Travel
Delta Baby Bag 3 in 1 £54.99


Baby Bjorn Top
BabyBjorn Travel Cot £179.95
Dinosaur Magnetic Kit
Dinosaur Magnetic Set £12.99
Bibi Powder Milk Dispenser £5.99
Scrunch Bucket £7.60


Baby Compact First Aid £16.00
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